Queer Liberals: The Policy & Initiatives Committee

December 01 at 1:00 PM
Toronto Ontario M4Y2C5
Event Information
This is a Committee for all you policy wonks and idea people out there! In order for our group to grow, we need to be more than just rhetoric - we need to be an organization of action that gets the job done. This committee will specifically focus on what ideas we want to present to the Liberal Party (and its provincial counterparts) affecting the queer community.

To not overwhelm ourselves, we have 2 items that we will be talking about during this upcoming session. One initiative is establishing a LGBT Youth Homeless Shelter in Toronto and one piece of policy we are working on is the dangers of Ex-Gay Therapy in Canada and what can be done about it.
Join the acting President, the Director of Youth Issues and the Recording Secretary to explore and discuss these items.

If you live out-of-province or simply far away, we can make arrangements to have you join us online. Do not let distance discourage you from participating!
This event is completely free and open to the general public.


See you there.


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